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Community Psychology in the UK

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Publications on Community Psychology and related topics mostly from Manchester- extensive list


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Papers and Presentations from the  UK Community Psychology Conference,  Great Yarmouth, 2006

Papers and Presentations from the  UK Community Psychology Conference,  Exeter,  2004

More from the 2004 Exeter conference.

Proceedings  1999 UK Community Psychology Conference

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Community Psychology Section

Published 8 April, 2011 -  click the image

By MMU authors Kagan, Burton,
Duckett, Lawthom, Siddiquee

Games for community psychology.
We introduced some of our games for participation and conscientisation at the Lisbon International Community Psychology Congress in 2008. Since then we have been piloting them and amending them. We are please to announce that they are now ready for you to work with and pilot yourselves. We have to charge to cover the costs of producing the games – until we know there is a demand we cannot produce lots of them and bring the costs down.  So, if you would like to order one of the games: please use this order form which also gives details of the games.

EVENTS  (announce your community psychology and related events here)


with the cuts: Policy, politics and everyday lives in the recession
Friday 30th May 2014, 9.30-17.30 Auditorium,
British Library, 96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB

A day conference organised by the University of
East London, UEL Centre for Narrative Research, NOVELLA 
(Narratives of Everyday Lives and Linked
Approaches) ESRC Research Methods Node, and the Tavistock Centre.

Many people in the UK are now living with the
impact of recession and public spending cuts in their daily lives; 
larger effects are still to come. Government and
policy-makers predict that cuts will continue till the end of the
yet these measures' usefulness and necessity are
much debated. This day conference brings together academics,
practitioners, and community researchers, to
discuss the issues and levels of analysis that need to be taken into
when studying the
cuts, and to explore the human effects and socio-political
significance of living in recession.


Fifth International Conference on Community Psychology - September, 2014

In Fortaleza, Brazil / Brasil 3/9/14 to 6/9/14.

For more information see the website: (scroll down for the English menu)

If I understand correctly, papers can be submitted from January to March, 2014 inclusive.


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Community Psychology in the UK

New  Community Psychology Section

  Community Psychology Network (UK) we carry information on events on this site  also you can join approx 100 people on the email discussion list for UK Community Psychology sign up via this link  

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History project - work on this project about the development of community psychology in Britain is  complete.  It is part of a project for an international bookHere is the prepublication draft of the chapter on the UK.

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Journals on Community Psychology in the UK

Community, Work and Family edited by Laura den Dulk -  Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands; Jennifer Swanberg - University of Maryland, USA; Rebecca Lawthom - Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Journal of Community  and Applied Social Psychology  edited by  Flora Cornish, London School of Economics and Political Science.

see also Psychosocial Intervention bilingual journal from Spain.

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Liberation Psychology Network (in English)


Community Psychology in MANCHESTER
Community psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University:  
Congratulations to Rebecca Lawthom who has been appointed Professor of Community Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Rebecca was formerly Reader in Community Psychology. Her publications include the co-authored text, Critical Community Psychology.

More on studying Community Psychology at Manchester.

Other UK


Community and Critical Social Psychology research group (CCSP) at York Saint John University.

The group undertakes research across a range of areas of community and critical social psychology.  See web page.

MSc Community & Critical Social Psychology

We offer an MSc in Community & Critical Social Psychology.  For more information, including details of how to apply, click here.


Psychological Helping and Support Research Group at University College, London - page set up by Chris Barker and Nancy Pistrang  -updated

"The UCL Psychological Helping and Support Research Group is a loose association of clinical/community psychologists, led by Dr Chris Barker and Dr Nancy Pistrang. It is part of the Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences of University College London.  Our research focuses on all types of psychological helping and support. We mostly study those types that psychologists call social support, such as peer support, mutual support groups, internet support, befriending and mentoring. "


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London School of Economics: MSc in Health, Community and Development, based at the LSE Social Psychology Institute.    Catherine Campbell explains the programme:

The programme will draw primarily on community psychology, critical health psychology and social psychology. It aims to explore the role of community participation and small-scale collective action in public health and health promotion. It pays particular attention to the psycho-social processes underlying the impact of collective action on health, and the mechanisms through which community development approaches may lead not only to improved health, but also to transformatory social action. Our starting assumption is that efforts to promote health and to reduce disease need to combine top down and bottom up approaches. Whilst the primary focus of the course will be the bottom up dimension, emphasis will be continually be laid on the inter-dependence of these two levels of action and analysis. 
Flyer about the programme (pdf file)

 Proceedings of  the 1999 UK Community Psychology Conference, Manchester

      (Proceedings of the previous conference can be found in Clinical Psychology Forum No 122, December 1998)   

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